Apple and Android Mobile Flashcard Applications


Finally available, after many months and thousands of dollars, are the digital versions of our flashcards. The ultimate proof that textbooks are boring. 

Now available for in-app purchases of VFR, IFR, Commercial, and Fundamentals of Instruction flashcards.

For both Android and Apple, there couldn't be anything simpler. No really, it's just a flashcard viewer. Searchable by chapter, it is exactly the same high quality content that cuts out all the fluff, giving you only what you need, along with a bit of humor and possible some thought (or guffaw) provoking pilot wisdom. 

If you're not sure if you want the paper product, you can try the digital version starting at $2.99. Free to download with in-app purchases for the flashcards. Available for purchase on the appropriate digital platform.



Here are some more screenshots. It's a simple app, designed to save you time and make you a safe, confident pilot. #TMYK