Gifts for Pilots and Student pilots

Pilots wear headsets. So they need sunglasses with flat temples, for more comfortable extended wear under the headset. They must be nonpolarized, in order to better visualize the instrument panel, and help spot nearby traffic. Bottom line, pilots need a specialized product. Method Seven offers the most stylish eyewear for pilots, period.

This is the book that isn't part of the standard curriculum, but that every CFI recommends to their students. It is a detailed, analytical look at how accident happen. The book is data driven, filled with charts and graphs, and looks at the cause of accidents by phase of flight, pilot experience level, and all other important factors. The Killing Zone is a must read for any flight student, CFI, or serious pilot.

Displate makes unique metal wall posters. They are a great way to add beauty to any home. They have tons of pilot and aviation posters, and you can even submit your own artwork for a custom poster.

Every pilot needs a good watch. Carpenter watches were inspired by the watches our aviators wore in WW2. Beautiful, practical, and affordable, Carpenter watches are designed to be heirlooms. Made in Brooklyn.

What is the main difference between god and a pilot? God doesn't think that he is a pilot.